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DR.SCHNELL is actively pursuing its path towards sustainability in practice.

The sustainable ECOLUTION product system

Good for our planet. Good for you.

The new, ultra-high ECOLUTION concentrate for the MILIZID sanitary cleaner and descaler and FOROL universal cleaner is available in two versions: as pre-dosed, dissolving ECOLUTIONS STICKS for ready-to-use hand sprays or as a precisely dosable ECOLUTION FLÜSSIG.

ECOLUTION is pure sustainability - you'll reduce the amount of CO2, storage space requirements, transport expenses and packaging waste. The new product system is naturally based around the trusted DR.SCHNELL combination of quality, effectiveness, maximum safety and economic viability. Further information is available at www.ecolution.de

Power for textile hygiene

Two new Ready-to-use „Feen“

RAPA FEE 1 universal stain remover removes stubborn stains and dirt such as food residue while RAPA FEE 2 means rust spots stand no chance. Both Rapa fairies make cleaning much easier thanks to their pre-treatment results, saving time, chemicals and energy.

Two new mop cleaning specialists

RAPA MOPP, the new powder detergent specially designed for mop cleaning, combats greying of textiles. The new RAPA CAPS is an all-purpose detergent in the form of powder caps, precisely pre-dosed in a water-soluble film for mop cleaning as well as bleachable coloured and white laundry. Both RAPA mopp and RAPA caps are suitable for all bleachable textiles except for wool and silk, and are suitable for all washing systems, temperature ranges, water hardnesses and degree of soiling.

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