DR.SCHNELL for Commercial Cleaning

Whether in a modern office tower, historic hotel or museum with many exhibits: DR.SCHNELL is your commercial cleaning partner.

Many cleaning professionals deal with glass façades, laminate flooring, bathroom tiles or desk surfaces every day. But the challenges are just as diverse as the materials: Wall coverings for new types of ceramics, bathrooms with historical marble inserts or futuristic electronic surfaces.

DR.SCHNELL’s range has the right solution with a full range of products to meet every challenge. We will talk to you to find the right solution right away.

By the way, DR.SCHNELL has continuously relied on innovations. We can also develop a completely new product just for your needs! It is especially important to us that our products are always environmentally friendly and healthy. The German Allergy and Asthma Association think highly of our products as well and recommends: Milizid Sensitive, Forol Sensitive and Floortop Sensitive. Milizid Sensitive, Forol Sensitive and Floortop Sensitive.