Skin Protection + Service

The DR.SCHNELL skin protection system covers all PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE applications with products for skin protection, skin cleaning, skin care and disinfection. We combine our complete product range with an equally comprehensive customer service.

Our service promises:

  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Providing samples and information material
  • Supported user test
  • Employee training
  • Skin Protection Plans
  • Hardware installation on-site
  • Service guarantee
  • System support
  • Quick technical support



We are always available to you:

  • Our consultants will inform and assist you in finding the appropriate effective skin protection products.
  • We analyse your workplace and help educate and motivate employees to take skin protection seriously.
  • We create skin protection plans (see example) tailored to your needs and apply the plans at the right places in your company.
  • Training for the theory and practice as well as access to all the important information about our products, please contact your personal consultant or your personal professional advisor.