Handwerkskammer Hamburg in the Hands of the “Strong 3”

Integrated concept for cleaning and care from DR.SCHNELL Chemicals

Under its motto “Together we are strong”, the Handwerkskammer Hamburg (crafts chamber) represents more the 15,400 craftsmen with roughly 129,000 employees in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. The roughly 250 employees see themselves as service providers for Hamburg craftsmen and women helping in issues ranging from legal issues, investment, technology and innovation along with the search for apprentices and training. The Handwerkskammer Hamburg is located in the "Gewerbehaus", designed by Fritz Schumacher which opened in 1915 at Am Holstenwall 12. Henning has been responsible for cleaning the building since February 2012, and has been successfully using DR.SCHNELL Chemie cleaning products for years.

The project includes the city of Hamburg, a historical building and the Handwerkskammer a user well aware of how important precision is. These are three reasons that make the routine cleaning of the Handwerkskammer Hamburg uniquely challenging. All the rooms need to look perfect and sustainability and preservation are also vitally important. In addition, the various flooring needs to be cleaned with as few products as possible. Is it a “Mission Impossible”? Hardly. Provided specialists sit down and work together.

Henning Gebäudedienste Hamburg GmbH and DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH have been working together on the Handwerkskammer Hamburg since February 2012. The two companies are used to dealing with challenges. The cleaning concept for the Handwerkskammer has since used the "Strong 3 for Building Cleaning" from DR.SCHNELL: lavatory cleaner and decalcifier MILIZID, the universal cleaner FOROL for quick, easy surface cleaning and FLOORTOP for high-performance mopping of flooring. All three are bio-degradable and are easy on people, the environment and materials. It is thus possible to provide complete cleaning of the Handwerkskammer Hamburg with only three products.

The stone in the formal entry area and the stairwell is subject to a lot of wear. The 3-4- person team from Henning is at work here every morning. FLOORTOP and regular polishing help create a non-slip and clear film. It helps with preservation.

»Professional cleaning substances
need to be innovative in
their quality and applications.«

Simple handling, low dosage, large number of applications

“Professional cleaning substances need to be innovative in their quality and applications,” says Darko Alavanja, an expert in cleaning buildings and technical director at Henning Building Services Hamburg: “We think a wide product range is important that is easy in its dosage as possible so that low dosages are needed and excessive dosages are avoided. Particularly when it comes to floor cleaning and care the product needs to be economical and efficient in use so that they protect the environment and do not contain hazardous materials due to their chemical makeup. We went with DR.SCHNELL because the service quality was what we needed, along with high product quality and a cleaning performance that us optimal and consistent and the continued commitment to environmental protection at DR.SCHNELL was in line with our own objectives.”

The “Strong 3” from DR.SCHNELL—1986 Revolution, now the standard for largescale building cleaning

“The Strong 3 cleaning system is proving what it can do in the Handwerkskammer Hamburg. It is easy to use and saves money,” says Rudolf Dreisbach; “The acidic lavatory cleaner and decalcifier MILIZID was developed especially for the hygienic cleaning lavatories. MILIZID removes both mineral and organic and fatty films and leaves behind shiny surfaces with no polishing; it is hypoallergenic and up to 99% biodegradable. Thanks to its corrosion protection, MILIZID helps the treated surfaces maintain their value. FOROL, the universal surface cleaner can be used in all cleaning processes and on all water-proof surfaces. FORAL cleans easily and streak-free, removes fresh ink stains along with stamp ink, grease, residue and nicotine and is easy on the skin. FLOORTOP is then used for classic maintenance and intermediate cleaning, both manually and automated, also for spray cleaning. FLOORTOP is free from soap and wax and forms a water-soluble, slip-resistant film.”

Fit through special training

As with all their customers, DR.SCHNELL will also have staff from the Handwerkskammer Hamburg come for education and training to the ALEGRIA training centre in Wedel, Germany. ALEGRIA is a specialist for practical training and seminars for the management and employees in the area of cleaning, cleaning technology, hygiene and hygiene technology; and works closely with universities and specialists from the business world. ALEGRIA is always up on the latest technology. High-quality teaching includes working with small groups, using entertaining educational methods and a lot of practical exercises in their very modern training facilities.

The employees from Henning shall be competently qualified for the proper usage of the “Strong 3”. Darko Alavanja: “The symbiosis between Henning's experience in the cleaning sector and DR.SCHNELL as a producer of cleaning agents results in the optimal cooperation between service provider and manufacturer. DR.SCHNELL is very reliable when it comes to processing orders, the online service is convenient and the application support such as with test surfaces is very useful. In addition, the qualified experts at DR.SCHNELL are always nearby for personal contact. All of which emphasises the significance that workplace safety holds for us. It makes for a smooth transition from service provider to service provider at any time.”

Although it has not been in use for very long, positive reports are already coming in for the “Strong 3” from DR.SCHNELL: The cleaning staff at Henning Building Services all report that the product is easy to work with. Even visitors to the Handwerkskammer Hamburg have noticed the difference: “The first impression when you come in is confirmed throughout the rest of the building – the aesthetics and the cleanliness are in order. It is apparent that there is a system behind it.”

No accidents when two pros like Henning Building Services Hamburg and DR.SCHNELL Chemie are on the job!