Safety and well-being through proper disinfection

DR.SCHNELL is THE hygiene partner for Vereinigte Hamburger Wohnungsbau- genossenschaft eG [united Hamburg residential building cooperative]


Disinfection is the ‘ultimate’ in hygiene – because extensive regulatory requirements must be followed, an individual health plan developed, and effective quality service requires a high level of competence. Outstanding disinfectant products are the basis for a hygiene system precisely matched to the needs of the customer. Vereinigter Hamburger Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft eG (VHW for short) places particular emphasis on safe disinfection in its senior housing and residences – and relies on DR.SCHNELL: for years in the kitchens, and now also in the nursing care areas.

Vereinigte Hamburger Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft eG offers a popular form of housing for those who are still adventurous in their old age, would like to continue running their households themselves, and enjoy household activities, in their serviced housing for seniors. "The right service package for everyone" is the motto. If you want to take advantage of help there is, for example, a cleaning service, a delivery service for meals, nursing, or car service. Throughout this, a clear emphasis is always placed on hygiene.

Disinfection system provider with proven quality

For over ten years, the VHW has been using kitchen cleaning products from owner-operated cleaning company DR.SCHNELL Munich in their homes. As the company had proven itself during years of co-operation, DR.SCHNELL was given the chance to present their full range of cleaning and disinfecting agents from a single source to VHW. The result was that, in March 2011, the VHW management and the patient care faculty management decided to use DR.SCHNELL products in their care department too. Since then, DR.SCHNELL has been responsible for supplying all VHW nursing care areas with detergents and disinfectants.

Care is at the heart of VHW

Of course, the first step for this was, for DR.SCHNELL and VHW, to define a comprehensive hygiene concept together. On this basis, DR.SCHNELL’s technical advisors created individual cleaning, disinfecting and skin protection plans with optimal economic and environmental factors. For this, they took part in the meetings of VHW’s Hygiene Commission in an advisory capacity. Set-off checks and intensive training courses for VHW’s employees are also part of the DR.SCHNELL range of services, so DR.SCHNELL’s expert advisors were able to train the VHW care workers in, for example, how to correctly clean nursing vehicles.

»For us, the partnership with our two DR.SCHNELL contacts is very constructive and customer oriented.
We are also confident about the products.«

A hot topic in nursing: perfect disinfection

Disinfected rooms, bathrooms and instruments are essential to nursing. There are no ifs, ands, or buts: Only the best disinfectant is good enough. Dr. Thomas Schnell: "Only perfect disinfection offers residents the level of security they expect in their home. Hygiene for inpatients is, therefore, much more than cleanliness. It requires a system of hygiene disinfectants whose use is precisely coordinated. As a manufacturer of disinfectants and cleaning agents for the skin and hands, surfaces and instruments, we are aware of our huge responsibility to patients, residents and professional users."

Disinfection from a single source

Now, DR.SCHNELL also disinfects instruments such as stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and care vehicles for VHW. The service also includes products for disinfecting care baths – including toilet chairs, bathtubs, basins and floors – as well as the disinfection of bedpans and disposal units on the stations. The outpatient department was also completely handed over to DR.SCHNELL.

Strong products to disinfect nursing care areas

For disinfecting VHW’s nursing care areas, DR.SCHNELL uses three main products which have been tried and tested for years in medical institutions, homes and the food industry: DESIFOR-forte AF, an aldehyde-free surface disinfectant, which is used daily for, for example, cleaning care vehicles and other instruments, DESIFOR-PROTECT, an aldehydefree surface disinfectant which is used for prescribed disinfection in case of epidemics, and DESIFOR QUICK Plus Wipes, ready-to-use perfume and colour free towels. All three products meet the 93/42/EWG EU guidelines for medicinal products. Thanks to the wide range of uses for these products, VHW’s disinfection of its nursing care areas is completely safe.

Proven efficacy at a fair price

The head of VHW’s Senior Living department explains the decision to choose DR.SCHNELL: "We have high expectations of our cleaning partners. They must know the requirements which regulatory agencies have for inpatient care facilities. We also demand a high level of service and expertise, innovation, support for problems and fast delivery. The cleaning and disinfecting agents themselves must have good product compatibility in occupational health aspects and must be easy to handle and dispense. Another crucial factor is the use of economical goods at a fair price and, of course, proven effectiveness.

We have had years of great experience with DR.SCHNELL in our kitchen and cleaning areas. Therefore, we have now decided to move the inpatient and outpatient care areas over to DR.SCHNELL products too. The most significant advantages of this include the product range, the range of effects on multiresistant bacteria, good product compatibility and the dosing aids provided. Because DR.SCHNELL’s expert advisors in our area have the necessary proximity, they can reach us easily when we need advice or a delivery.”

Skin-friendly and well tolerated – DR.SCHNELL’s new disinfection line

The department head of inpatient care at VHW confirmed that the high expectations of cooperating with DR.SCHNELL have been met: "For us, the partnership with our two DR.SCHNELL contacts is very constructive and customer oriented. We are also confident about the products. The occupational health service which works for us has also praised the skin protection and skin care products we use. Changing from one range of disinfectants to another is of course always a sensitive issue, because product changes can have negative effects. We are, therefore, very pleased that, amongst our cleaning staff, neither the nursing staff nor the residents have voiced any complaints.

Both the use and dosage of the products are safe, and they are kind to the skin and welltolerated. They have a wide range of uses, even with difficult germs."

Very pleasant to use

Gundula Burmeister, registered geriatric nurse and residential manager at VHW, confirms that DR.SCHNELL’s disinfection products are gentle on the skin. “Before using DR.SCHNELL, we frequently changed products, which often caused skin irritations. Now there are clear improvements on the previously used disinfectant products. There haven’t been any skin irritations; DR.SCHNELL products are well tolerated by our employees.”

Products and service go hand in hand

In short: since Vereinigte Hamburger Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft eG has been using experienced hygiene specialist DR.SCHNELL in all sterile areas in its eight senior housing and residence institutes, as well as in outpatient care, the level of quality has been excellent. That’s because in disinfection, the ‘ultimate’ in hygiene, cleaning products and cleaning services go hand in hand.