The DR.SCHNELL Service Principle

Every customer has a personal contact partners

Again and again difficult questions arise when dealing with hygiene. Whether hotel industry, health care, catering trade or hygiene of buildings - we will assign a specialist consultant who will be able to answer every one of your questions:

  • What will my individual cleaning and disinfection plan be for safe and economic application of the cleaning products?
  • What are the requirements of the legislator especially for my    branch? And who will inform me when something changes?
  • How can detergents be applied in the right amount?
  • How do I keep my “hygiene team” and the staff entrusted with cleaning up-to-date?
  • Can I get in touch with my personal “DR.SCHNELL contact partner” around the clock as well?

For all these questions and subjects, you have your personal contact partner at DR.SCHNELL. No matter whether you are responsible for a hotel, a canteen, a hospital, a home for elderly people, an industrial company or a cleaning service. With us you live hygiene - cleanliness and hygiene is our mission.

For this purpose we closely cooperate with our subsidiary ALEGRIA - the Academy for Practice-Oriented Apprenticeship and In-Service Training of executives and staff in industrial hygiene, food hygiene as well as cleaning and hygiene technology. In Munich and in Hamburg ALEGRIA coaches more than 3,500 participants every year in the implementation of hygiene and the like. In Munich alone, ALEGRIA offers a training space of more than 759 sqm - with the latest techniques in the field of food processing and textile hygiene, chemical cleaning agents and process engineering and all contemporary, object-specific materials and designs.