DR.SCHNELL Service - at your service and 100% CO2 neutral

“The best energy is never actually used. And if energy is needed, then we want to reduce the climate impact as much as possible.” 

Following this motto, DR.SCHNELL combines mobility and climate protection - the entire fleet of company vehicles is included in PROJECT CLIMATE which now makes it 100% CO2-neutral.

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As part of the sustainability concept according to EMAS and A.I.S.E., DR.SCHNELL maintains CO2 at a minimum. Taking a holistic approach means that we not only optimise our own production processes. We also focus on a climate-friendly use and disposal of our products. 

By using high concentrated detergents, for example, we reduce transportation needs and therefore the associated C02 emissions are significantly lower than with ready-to-use products. The photovoltaic facility installed on the roof of the production locations covers the entire power demand of the production. When the sun does not shine, we draw the needed electricity from renewable sources.    

Continuing these efforts, DR.SCHNELL also uses innovative measures to reduce and eliminate C02 emissions in the vehicle fleet. Nowadays, DR.SCHNELL’s fleet fuel consumption is reduced through measures such as vehicle choice or car pooling, which removes unnecessary single trips. 

DR.SCHNELL has decided to compensate the remaining C02 emissions through a climate protection project. This project covers the equal amount of C02 which the vehicle fleet emits. By including the entire fleet of company vehicles, the DR.SCHNELL service, from the specialist’s visit to the technicians appointment, is also climate neutral.       

To achieve this, DR.SCHNELL supports a project in Ghana organised by the climate protection company PROJECT CLIMATE. This project carries the Gold Standard award, the worldwide leading independent quality standard for climate protection projects.

Since 2012, the PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH, together with their independent co-operation partners TÜV SÜD and B.A.U.M. e.V., support responsible companies and institutions who want to make a credible effort to protect the climate in the mobility sector. 

The climate protection project in Ghana replaces inefficient cooking places with efficient wood burning stoves. About 70% of the population uses wood or charcoal for cooking. And roughly one in two people still use highly inefficient cooking places. The efficient wood burning stoves save up to 25% of firewood compared to the previous facilities. This means fewer trees being felled; at the same time respiratory diseases from inhaling smoke inside houses are prevented.   

There is more to come: The greatest potential for saving fuel and C02 emissions lies with the driver. Efficient driving can save up to 15% of fuel. Since the effect of driving training with a driving instructor is soon forgotten, DR.SCHNELL is testing an electronic driving instructor which is integrated into the car. The result of the Fuel-Saving app, developed by PROJECT CLIMATE, is expected in the summer of 2015.   

“As a modern chemical company DR.SCHNELL has a special responsibility towards humans, the environment and society”, says Dr. Thomas Schnell: “We have 80 consultants and 35 service technicians working throughout Germany for our customers. Efficient driving is important. And the C02 emissions generated by the trips we compensate as a climate partner of the PROJECT CLIMATE initiative. Theses measures continue our consequent efforts to organise all company areas based on environmental criteria, including our mobility.”

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