Creating a better, greener future

In our eyes, there is no need to choose between good chemicals and a healthy environment. We believe we can apply our knowledge to conserve the environment and its resources.

This begins with the selection of the right raw materials. We try to substitute our established ingredients with more eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible. And we almost exclusively manufacture highly concentrated products, so only small amounts are required. Furthermore, we make all efforts to minimise packaging, transport and energy-intensive storage.

DR.SCHNELL is committed to continuously reducing its environmental foot- print, above and beyond legal requirements.

Eight Dimensions - One Responsibility

Ecological sustainability at DR.SCHNELL consists of eight dimensions. One person is responsible for this value-added chain, to combine and use the synergies to full capacity.

Excerpt from our environmental goals

  • The owners are committed to the environment. They consider ecological fac- tors to be equally important as other corporate goals, and take these into account in the decision-making process and throughout operations.
  • Protecting the environment is one of top management’s key tasks, and execu- tives are expected to lead by example. At the same time, to achieve the company’s environmental goals, all staff must act in a responsible manner.
  • Environmental protection is an integral part of all training. We keep our own people and our customers’ staff informed on our efforts, including the eco- friendly characteristics of our products. And we offer clear recommendations on how each and every person can become more environmentally con- scious – at work, in everyday life and, above all, when using DR.SCHNELL products.
  • We regularly evaluate our progress on the ecological front, publishing hard facts and figures wherever possible. In addition, we continuously assess the impact of our operations on the immediate vicinity of our production site.
  • Assessments are carried out on a regular basis to determine the effectiveness of our environmental policies and practices, and to ensure we achieve our environmental goals.
  • These environmental standards are applied to both the manufacturing process and the selection of ingredients. As well as evaluating the origin or source of the raw materials we use, we examine how they can be disposed of or recycled.