Social Responsibility

For generations, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gone hand in hand with our commitment to the environment. It applies equally to the people in our company as well as to the company as a whole.

Humanity and Team Strength

Team spirit, creativity and customer-focus are just a few examples of our employees’ many skills which are constantly driving the company to reach for higher goals. In order to guarantee that they can contribute to the DR. SCHNELL'S continued success, we offer a workplace with enormous potential for development:

  • Continuing education at the company’s ALEGRIA training institute provides our employees with much greater expertise that is clearly above the level of our competition.
  • We also provide opportunities to people from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Regular health seminars on ergonomic conduct and free medical check-ups are also provided routinely.
  • We generally pay above the highest collective bargaining tariffs and subsidize child care.
  • We have an above average number of women in management positions.
  • We offer flexible working hours as Work-Life Balance.
  • No cost cutting at the expense of jobs!

Give Something Back to Society

We, at DR.SCHNELL are of the opinion that a company that has been a successful part of society for several generations should be committed to those who are socially disadvantaged to provide them with a fair chance at a successful future.

Our support is diverse

  • Release of staff for social engagement and lobby work
  • Regular donations for people with the greatest need, e.g. via the organisation Lichtblick Hasenbergl and the Roland Berger Foundation
  • Where possible, awarding production to companies that employ socially disadvantaged workers
  • Sponsoring of charity organisations, e.g. an emergency vehicle for the Münchner Kindl or DAAB children projects 
  • Student support, e.g. the Technischen Universität Bergakademie Freiberg