Again in 1st place!

October 31, 2013 - For twelve years already, the “ReinigungsMarkt” professional magazine, produced by Knittler Medien GmbH publishing house, performed an advertisement copy test. In 2013, an advert by DR. SCHNELL received the highest ranking of all participating advertising motifs. The advert, titled “We say thank you!” addressed the support of children’s and seniors’ projects of the German Allergy and Asthma Federation by DR.SCHNELL Chemie.

The July-August issue of “ReinigungsMarkt” included a questionnaire. The readers could evaluate all advertisements according to attractiveness, preference, information and degree of activation - awarding marks 1 to 4. All questionnaires received were used to calculate average marks for each criterion and then to produce an overall assessment.

The advert “We say thank you” by DR.SCHNELL received 84 points in the overall assessment, which means that 84 per cent of the persons interviewed gave mark 1 for the advert. In the individual criteria, the advert achieved 81 points each for information content and degree of activation, and even 87 points for attractiveness and preference.

“The children’s and senior’s projects by the German Allergy and Asthma Federation are of considerable importance for the quality of life in kindergartens and facilities for seniors”, says Dr Thomas Schnell, “for this reason, we are glad to support the work by DAAB with our SENSITIVE line - detergents which ensure cleanliness and at the same time are gentle to man, the environment and materials. We are pleased that our advert is appreciated so much.”

The formulation does it - the Sensitive Line by DR.SCHNELL
In kindergartens, hospitals and senior’s homes especially, detergents not only ensure cleanliness; they have to be gentle to man, the environment and materials at the same time. A case for the Sensitive Line of DR.SCHNELL: The cleaner for sanitary facilities & decalcifier Milizid Sensitive, the wiping care Floortop Sensitive and the universal cleaner Forol Sensitive. All three are based on highly pure raw materials, thus dispense with allergenic perfume oil, preservatives and are biologically biodegradable. The German Allery and Asthma Federation (DAAB) recommends Sensitive products for use in hospitals and child-care facilities – based on its “best tolerance for man and the environment”.

DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH – The Company
The company has its origin in the soap factory in Munich. In 1963, Dr Wolfgang Schnell took over the craftsman’s establishment from his father and subsequently paved the way for the modern pan-European company for professional cleaning, hygiene, disinfection as well as skin care products. The claim: Production environmentally and medically compatible and highly effective products which can be applied based on its compatibility with the environment, health and material. Since 2006, Dr Thomas Schnell and his father together have been managing the company with a staff of more than 260. DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH has highly modern production plants, research and development laboratories as well as an international sales organisation. Production takes place in Germany exclusively; the main production location is in Munich.

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