Our Products


The former Munich soap factory manufactured a variety of soap products using traditional methods – until the 1970s, when Dr. Wolfgang Schnell became one of the first people to recognise the importance of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. He shared his vision with Deutsche Bahn, developing cleaners that were environmentally sound and met the high demands of Germany‘s national rail operator. And to this day, DR.SCHNELL remains Deutsche Bahn’s main supplier of cleaning products.

MILIZID, a groundbreaking sanitary cleaner based on a previously unknown combination of agents, marked another milestone in the company’s history – and revolutionised the market for professional cleaning products. Research and development focused on the product’s eco-friendliness, as well as its effects on user health and its compatibility with the materials to be treated. Building on the success of MILIZID, a compact system comprising just three products was developed for maintenance cleaning. The current DR.SCHNELL portfolio includes a wide range of solutions for industrial cleaning, hygiene, disinfection and skincare.

DR.SCHNELL solutions are now recognised models for eco-friendly, safe and compatible professional cleaning and hygiene products. To keep our solutions at the leading edge, our research and development experts work tirelessly to improve existing products and create new ones. It is our aim to continuously increase the cost-effectiveness of our products, while taking account of factors such as environmental impact, consumer health and compatibility with the materials to be treated.

DR.SCHNELL now offers a range of cutting-edge cleaning, hygiene, disinfection and skincare products in the following areas:

  • Building cleaning
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Industrial laundry
  • Disinfection
  • Skincare
  • Specialty products

At present, DR.SCHNELL manufactures products using some 260 recipes, all of which were developed in the company’s own laboratories.

Thanks to our broad portfolio, we are able to provide a wide variety of sectors with made-to-measure professional cleaning solutions and systems, including:

  • Healthcare (hospitals, residential homes, etc.)
  • Professional cleaning/facility-management firms Commercial kitchens
  • Public buildings (train stations, airports, etc.)
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Transport (public transport, air and sea transport, etc.)
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Retail
  • Specialty products, e.g. for mounting vehicle tyres

Quality Management


All our products are subject to comprehensive testing long before they reach the market, ensuring they meet the very highest standards in terms of quality and safety.

High-quality solutions made in Germany

DR.SCHNELL brand-name products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and therefore consistently meet extremely high standards. Our quality-man- agement system involves the continuous analysis and verification of products using state-of-the-art technology, and is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Key quality-related criteria:

  • Guaranteed suitability of the product
  • Consistent product characteristics
  • Highly concentrated products
  • Maximum safety during usage
  • No danger to user health
  • Compatibility with materials to be treated
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Collaboration with certified suppliers

At DR.SCHNELL, quality management starts during development and is im- plemented every day across the production process until the solution reaches our customers.

We inspect all raw materials upon receipt in accordance with strict DR.SCHNELL quality standards. To go into production, they must first be approved by the experts in our quality-management laboratory.

All raw materials are stored at the correct temperature to keep them in prime condition. And during production, random samples are taken out and ana- lysed. Production is only continued once these samples have been approved in writing by the experts in our quality-management laboratory.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, we assess the quality of the finished product, i.e. both the packaging and its contents. Products must pass this final inspection to be placed in the finished goods warehouse.

We follow the first-in first-out principle throughout production. And our ware- house works with state-of-the-art order picking technology – enabling us to deliver the high quality our customers expect, from start to finish.