DR.SCHNELL for commercial kitchens, catering, gastronomy and food

DR.SCHNELL offers high quality systems for environmental remediation and dishwashing in restaurants, cafeterias, or food processing industry, such as "The Big 3 for Kitchen Hygiene" which the BVLK recommends: GASTRO PUR, DESIFOR-A, PEROCID.

The HACCP Marketing Certificate is available for all cleaning agents and disinfectants used in food processing. All disinfectants are DVG listed, all cleaning agents are VAH listed.

DR.SCHNELL’s comprehensive service ensures safe and affordable processes - including a cooperative external audit free of charge using individual, legally-compliant cleaning, disinfection and skin protection plans, 24/7 error service and hygiene checks. Certified DR.SCHNELL partner ALEGRIA also ensures leadership through competence. ALEGRIA offers professional cleaning including HACCP compliant hygienic concepts training for all customer needs.

More information can be found in our folder "catering" and at www.lebensmittelkontrolle.de

Our top products for catering + food

Find out more about DR.SCHNELL service for commercial kitchens, catering, gastronomy and food processing

Your personal consultant on site
Our consultants will advise and support you in all conceptual and practical gastronomy and culinary hygienic issues on site. We can also support you in creating individual operating procedures and cleaning schedules.

Training & eLearning
We offer comprehensive important training courses to your employees, such as hygiene seminars or compulsory annual hazardous materials training on-site. And if somebody can’t make it? No problem, try our new e-learning program!

Comprehensive information
We offer product sheets, safety data sheets, and a multitude of other up-to-date, valuable information is always available for downloading and in many languages. We also offer the brochure "Comprehensive Kitchen Hygiene" folder and the industry folder "Catering and Gastronomy" specifically for your questions.

Added value for your success
DR.SCHNELL is your partner for any special requirements. With our comprehensive sustainability strategy (corporate responsibility) and our certifications, we meet all public tendering requirements for example.

Online Services
On our website you can easily manage all the product documents you. The documents are always up to date and can be repeatedly downloaded for your personal compilation. Of course, you can easily buy all of these products from online shop.

Alegria training offer

Alegria offers several commercial kitchen, catering, gastronomy and food processing hygiene seminars. Including:

1. Training to become a certified ALEGRIA HACCP manager - training to be responsible for hygiene - in ​practical food workshops: Focus on food hygiene
2. Continuation course for HACCP managers
3. Hands-on workshop: Preparing for the International Featured Standard (IFS) audits
4. Training for managers

Advice & hygiene concept
The ALEGRIA team will be pleased provide training for dealing with the following topics:

1. Cleaning and disinfection schedules
2. HACCP concept
3. Hygiene inspections
4. Target and actual analysis
5. Application statements
6. Specific cleaning and care instructions
7. Assistance during regulatory hygiene inspections

The ALEGRIA team is available every day on the phone with a competent, quick answer to any questions regarding food industry (processing) hygiene.

Learn more about the consulting services and seminars at the Alegria GmbH & Co. KG