DR.SCHNELL PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE provides a valuable help for overall skin care management at your company. The DR.SCHNELL skin protection system includes protection, cleaning, disinfection and care products.

All products are rich in non-greasy, active care ingredients and are suitable for all skin types. The products provide skin with everything it needs to cope with heavy workloads: delicate protection, silky care and gentle cleansing with a green tea scent.

DR.SCHNELL skin protection system:
Protection, cleaning, disinfection, care - all from a single source for your hands

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Expert tip:
Trade associations require effective skin protection

The BGV (German occupational and workplace safety ordinance) „Principles of Prevention“ requires in § 29 "provision (Personal Protective Equipment)":

"The employer shall ensure that personal protective equipment is provided to the insured in a sufficient number for the personal use for the activity at the workplace."

And the trade associations further emphasizes in the "general prevention skin care line" BGI/GUV-I 8620, that protection, cleaning and care products for the skin are part of the personal protective equipment.

Active and targeted skin care management  benefits more than just the trade associations which have high costs for work-related skin damage. A rule of thumb: The cost of skin protection is at only 40 euros per employee per year.


Zimmer MedizinSysteme relies on Skin Fitness Program

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"The effective skin protection for the work place"

Our PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE brochure "The effective skin protection the work place," provides you with a printed overview of the products and the performance spectrum of DR.SCHNELL.

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The DR.SCHNELL skin protection system:
Protection, cleaning, care, disinfection & service


Skin protection

PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE products help the skin act as a natural barrier and protect it from developing occupational "wear eczema". The products effectively prevent the contact between the skin and any pollutants. Our products help create a smooth process.

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Skin Cleansing

Users must use as gentle a skin cleanser as possible for activities associate with frequent hand washing. To achieve truly gentle cleaning, DR.SCHNELL PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE offers a selection of products which can be used to counter a specific contaminant.

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Disinfectants reduce the number of micro-organisms on the skin. In order to prevent pathogens (particularly bacteria and viruses) from spreading to staff or patients, regular disinfection is necessary. Disinfection serves your own protection along with nurses and physicians.

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Skin care

Consistent skin care is particularly important for keeping our sensitive protective cover healthy. DR.SCHNELL skin care products help maintain the elasticity, provide skin with moisture and slow the ageing process.

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We combine our complete product variety with an equally comprehensive customer service. Training on the theory and practice as well as access to all the important information concerning our products, please contact your personal consultant or your personal professional advisor.

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