Disinfectants reduce the amount of bacteria on the skin of your hands. In order to prevent pathogens (particularly bacteria and viruses) from spreading to staff or patients, regular disinfection is needed and also helps protect nurses and doctors.

Discover our disinfection products:

  • CimoSoft: Hygienic hand washing in health care facilities, nursing homes and in the food industry
  • CimoSept Hände: Alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Solution. No perfumes and dyes
  • CimoSkin: Ready to use hand and skin disinfectant

DR.SCHNELL products for skin disinfection

Disinfect hands properly: Hygienic hand disinfection (Standard rub in process according to EN 1500)

  1. Apply the product on your hands
  2. Palm to palm
  3. Right palm over the back of the left hand and left palm over back of right hand
  4. Palm to palm with clasped, spread fingers
  5. Outer side of the fingers on opposite palm with crossed fingers
  6. Rub the right thumb in a circular motion into the closed left-hand surface, and vice versa.
  7. Circular rubbing back and forth with closed finger tips of the right hand in the left hand and vice versa