Skin Cleansing

Users must use as gentle a skin cleanser as possible for activities associate with frequent hand washing. To achieve truly gentle cleaning, DR.SCHNELL PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE offers a selection of products which can be used to counter a specific contaminant.

Discover our skin cleaning products:

  • CimoLin: Universal washing gel for gentle skin cleaning
  • CimoMed: Aroma and dye free cleaning gel for gently cleaning sensitive skin
  • CimoLotion: Washing lotion for gentle cleaning the body and hair - with glycerol
  • CimoExtra: Hand cleaner with abrasives - for heavy dirt

Wash hands properly

For normal hand cleaners

  1. Wet hands under running water
  2. Remove product from the dispenser
  3. Lather hands thoroughly for 20 to 30 seconds
  4. Including between the fingers
  5. Rinse well under running water
  6. Dry thoroughly

For abrasive-containing hand cleansers (e.g. CimoExtra)

  1. Do not moisten hands, remove the product from the dispenser
  2. Thoroughly distribute without water
  3. Rub with a little water
  4. Wash with plenty of water
  5. Rinse thoroughly under running water
  6. Dry thoroughly