Skin Protection

PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE products skin act as a natural barrier and protect it from "wear eczema" in the workplace. The products effectively prevent the contact between the skin and pollutants. Our products thereby ensure a smooth process.

Discover our skin care products:

  • SamoLind for protection against water-soluble workplace substances
  • SamoExtra for protection against water-insoluble agents and excessive dirt
  • SamoDuo for protection against changing agents
  • SamoGlove to protect against skin softening under gloves
  • SamoPrint for protection against mechanical stress
  • SamoSol 50 Skin-protection in UV-B and UV-A radiation

Properly apply lotion to your hands

  1. Apply protective skin cream to the back of your hand.
  2. Rub the backs of your hand against each other.
  3. Rub the skin protection cream on one hand between your fingers of the other hand with your fingertips.
  4. Distribute the skin care cream on the areas of the nail bed, nail fold, fingertips and wrists.
  5. Rub the right thumb in a circular motion into the closed left-hand palm, and vice versa.
  6. Carefully apply cream to the wrists.
  7. Rub remnants of skin protection cream into palms.
  8. Scratch over the palms with fingernails using light pressure, so that the skin-protecting agents also reach the skin under the fingernails.