DR.SCHNELL interior cleaner for the transport industry

DR.SCHNELL interior cleaner for the transport industry

Cleanliness within departments, hygiene in sanitary and toilet facilities: two basic requirements for satisfied passengers. When it comes to interior cleaning, DR.SCHNELL has the perfect solution.

Surface cleaning

Cleaning inventories requires careful product selection to remove all types of dirt. Two important criteria here are optimum material compatibility along with preserving the condition of the inventory.

Sanitary cleaning

Clean, hygienically flawless sanitary facilities are the flagship of all public buildings, including local and long-distance public transport. Cleanliness and hygiene must not only be seen, but also smelt - particularly in sanitary areas.

Floor cleaning

Different types of flooring require certain cleaning systems. For cleaning elastic hardwood floors, a system of mopping, coating, basic and intensive cleaning is recommended. Elastic floors only remain in good condition with a good wear layer.

Carpet cleaning

High-quality carpets are often used in long-distance trains. These also need to be quickly and efficiently cleaned during the short periods of non-use. Spray extraction is an option for particularly stubborn dirt.

Upholstery cleaning

Seat cushions with textile covers undergo regular dirt removal (removal of adhesive residue); intensive cleaning using shampoo is performed at periodic intervals.

Interior cleaner

MILIZID Sanitary cleaner and descaler
MULTICID Sanitary cleaner
MILI CARIBIC Scented concentrate
TEMPOFORTE Environmentally friendly safety cleaner
PUROMAT Basic cleaner for all waterproof floors
TOPCARE FLOORFIT Multipurpose dispersion with shine
FORINET Neutral interior cleaner
DESIFOR-S* Ready-to-use, liquid, acidic surface disinfectant with bactericidal effect
GLASFEE Fast-acting surface cleaner
S–1000 Concentrated glass cleaner - acidic
QUICK TRIC Tenside-free concentrated cleaner
RAPIDO SPRÜH EX Spray extraction cleaner
FORIN-TEX Special foam cleaner
RAPIDO PROTECT Carpet protection and cleaner
RAPIDO KAUGUMMI-EX Freezing spray - solvent-free
RAPIDO KAUGUMMIENTFERNER Chewing gum remover - liquid
NOVO PEN-OFF Special cleaner for surfaces and textiles
MILIZID FLUSH & GO Rinse additive for vacuum toilet systems in railway vehicles

* Apply biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use.

For more information about these products please send an email to verkehrswesen@dr-schnell.de

In addition to interior cleaning products, the DR.SCHNELL range also includes the areas of exterior cleaning and Graffiti removal.


E-Mail: Verkehrswesen@dr-schnell.de

Caty Pechmann Mobil +49 172 8409955
Günther Schuhen Mobil +49 172 8649346
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Steven Schmidt Mobil +49 151 18066525

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Experience DR.SCHNELL service for the transport industry

Your personal on-site expert advisor
Our expert advisors visit you and provide advice and support for all conceptual and practical queries regarding the transport industry. This also includes support for creating individual user guides and cleaning plans.

Training & e-learning
We provide all of the necessary training sessions for your employees on site, such as hygiene seminars or annual hazardous substance training. And if someone can’t attend? No problem, simply try out our new eLearning program

Comprehensive information
We provide product sheets, safety data sheets and much more valuable information that is available to download in many languages and always in the most up-to-date version.

Added value for your success
If you have special requirements, then DR.SCHNELL is the partner for you. With our comprehensive sustainability concept (corporate responsibility) and our certifications, we meet all of the standards for public tenders, for example.

Online services
You can easily manage all of the product documents required for your work on our website. These are always kept up to date and can be downloaded at any time for personal use. In addition, you can of course comfortably browse all of our products in our online shop.

Alegria training programme

Alegria offers various seminars for the building cleaning sector. Examples of these include: 

  1. Training to become an ALEGRIA-certified site manager.
  2. Seminar on “Building cleaning in practice”
  3. Advanced seminar for site managers
  4. Focus seminars for various floor coverings
  5. Further training for managers

Support & hygiene concepts
The ALEGRIA team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist with creating cleaning and disinfection plans.

ALEGRIA hotline
The ALEGRIA team are available daily by phone to provide competent, fast support for any hygiene questions related to the food industry (working and processing). 

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