In two seconds among 5-star ambience

Hygiene comes out of a bag at the Alpenhof Murnau.

There are places that could not be more beautifully painted. Places like the Alpenhof Murnau. Next door is the Murnau Moor, the largest contiguous protected area in Central Europe, and the view goes directly into the mountains from one of the most beautiful terraces of Upper Bavaria. When star chef Thilo Bischoff and maître Guarino Tugnoli celebrate their delicacies in the gourmet restaurant Reiterzimmer, special moments are guaranteed as well as in the spacious pool and sauna area of theYavanna Wellness & Spa. Since September 2011, the Alpenhof Murnau is a five-star hotel of a superior luxury class. In all of Bavaria, there are only 13 of them. Needless to say, that only a single hygiene concept fits at this elegant Bavarian country house, the best.

"What our guests appreciate so much is the unique atmosphere of our house," says Andreas Kartschoke, director at the Alpenhof Murnau, "everything is right here, the big picture and each detail. Hygiene plays a key role here. Because it ensures that nothing, absolutely nothing interferes. That every room is an experience - in gastronomy as well as in the spa area. And to make our guests feel at home."

How can a "paradise" be kept clean? How can a perfect first impression be produced permanently? The answer is provided by a "pair", which is perfect for the Alpenhof Murnau. This pair, quite simply, is made out of cloths and a small strap-on bag. The cloths contain alcohol and provide hygienic cleanliness in seconds on tables, chairs and couches. The strap-on bag "hosts" the cloths, making them invisible to the guests and thus can be closed again as a refill bag at any time.

The pair is named DESIFOR QUICK PLUS WIPES*, and the strap-on bags also add a POCKET. A winning pair from the house of DR.SCHNELL Chemie, the Munich-based company operating throughout Europe in professional cleaning, hygiene, disinfection and skin care products.

Katrin Huber-Schramm, Executive Housekeeper: "Thanks to DESIFOR-QUICK PLUS WIPES* POCKET, cleaning even becomes an experience for our guests. Because in a 2-second wipe, the table, couch, and chair are "bella figura" again. Hygiene cannot be faster, more superior or safer in the eyes of our guests! This is visible professionalism. And there's another advantage: Our employees do not have the WIPES in the bag not only immediately handy but they also have their hands free. They can, for example, carry a tray in the restaurant, and towels in the Wellness & Spa area. This strengthens our staff in their task to make the guests’ stay as pleasant as possible."

»Thanks to DESIFOR-QUICK PLUS WIPES* POCKET, cleaning becomes an experience for our guests. Because in a 2-second wipe, table, couch, and chair are ›bella figura‹ again.«

"The DESIFOR-QUICK PLUS WIPES* have been proven for many years as ready to use wipes for residue-free rapid disinfection," says Detlef Hohenstein, senior consultant at DR.SCHNELL Chemie, "the QUICK POCKET bags with the practical snap-on belt is new. A real dream team! Now, the staff at the Alpenhof Murnau are able to create hygienic cleanliness at any time with a wipe - and that is simultaneously open and discreet. The lightning fast hygiene experience before dining, before sunbathing and the spa. This is effective and enthuses the guests!"

The DESIFOR-QUICK PLUS WIPES* in conjunction with the POCKETS are used at the Alpenhof Murnau restaurant as well as in the Yavanna Wellness & Spa. Everywhere that is, where perfect cleanliness and hygiene is a visible aspect of the five-star superior luxury class.

Adriana Marchetti, Deputy Director: "Compare the rapid application of DESIFOR-QUICK PLUS WIPES with the elegance of a service employee who carves a gilt-headed bream, uncorks a superb bottle of wine or flambés a crepe Suzette. The guest watches and enjoys in all these cases. Sovereignty is expressed here, which is not experienced just every day. This makes all the difference."

The DESIFOR-QUICK PLUS WIPES* can be disposed of easily as paper napkins in normal waste. They were awarded the hygiene certificate of the Hygiene Institute in Berlin.

* Re-use disinfectants safely. Always read the instructions and product information prior to use.