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The "Train Station of the Year 2012" in Aschaffenburg relies on the strong cleaning team of DB Services, DR.SCHNELL and Nilfisk-Advance.

There are these moments when you enter a building, and you feel immediately: "This is nice!" And you just feel comfortable. The first impression, as neuroscientists will verify, just takes 300 milliseconds to arrive in the brain. Diverse sensations condense in little more than a moment into a "review", which happens quite involuntarily. This is exactly what traffic experts at the Alliance pro Schiene clearly in mind when they selected the Aschaffenburg Central Station as the most beautiful small town train station in Germany in the fall of 2012. Among the selection criteria of the incognito reviews for Germany's most customer-friendly railway station are the subjective feel-good factor and cleanliness in addition to customer information, integration in the city and the connection with other modes of transportation. Clearly, these two belong together. Reason enough to ask the question: What does DB Services GmbH, a leading system service provider in Germany, do for keeping the Aschaffenburg railway station in such form that it convinces in three seconds as well as over the long term? A progress report.

»EASYQUICK is a "specialist" for high-traffic railroad depot areas and also already in use in the Berlin Central Station, the largest German train station. You can rely on this product. «

An "architectural masterpiece"

... judged the jury of Alliance per Schiene - the Aschaffenburg train station has created a stunning 360 degree opening to the city since its dedication in February 2011. No matter through which exit the traveller enters or leaves this station: The building is integrated into its environment so that the transitions are fluid. " Added are artistic elements such as mosaic floors and murals.

It is therefore a particularly beautiful train station. And as it is with everything especially beautiful; It takes a lot of care because every detail counts, because every "deviation from the beautiful" would interfere. A challenge for the cleaning concept. Because while the architect has done his job with the opening of the station, it is just the beginning for the cleaning team. The Aschaffenburg Central Station must "shine" 365 days a year and delight the 15,000 visitors who enter, leave and transfer here daily.
"The overall picture has to fit," said Franz-Josef Hein, service area manager responsible for the Aschaffenburg train station at DB Services, Southern Region, "our customer can see immediately if it's clean, and he sees immediately, if it is not clean. We therefore look for every detail when cleaning our train stations - on the floor, the glass surfaces on all other surfaces. Cleanliness is the key. This was one of the criteria for the award of the Aschaffenburg train station. "

DB Services not only cleans the actual train station areas, but also 80% of the rental areas in the Aschaffenburg train station. Franz-Josef Hein: "Our customers do not distinguish between the train station areas and the shops and cafés of our tenants and they want to have it clean it at any time, no matter when they enter the station and the area in which they are at the moment. The fact that we clean for many of our tenants, namely the glass and the floor areas, determines the appearance of the train station throughout. Our customers feel this. "

The brighter, the more careful

Lots of glass, light floor tiles, design elements such as the mosaic floors ... this special atmosphere in the Aschaffenburg train station requires a differentiated concept of lasting quality. The suitable partners were determined by DB Services in early 2011 in a selection process: The family company of DR. SCHNELL Chemie GmbH in Munich, which is active throughout Europe quickly prevailed with cleaning agents, the Nilfisk-Advance AG, the German subsidiary of the global Danish Nilfisk-Advance A/S with cleaning machines.
Franz-Josef Hein: "We did not make ​​the decision lightly and had it thoroughly tested. Our standards are high, the selection criteria are clearly defined. Dosage, environmental compatibility - and of course the result counted for the cleaning materials. We selected DR.SCHNELL since their products are the most effective. When cleaning the porcelain tiles, we previously had to frequently rework to eliminate the dirt film. Since then, we clean with DR.SCHNELL products, it saves us a lot of time. Nilfisk convinced us with the cleaning machines, because suctioning works great, the cleaning product and machine work together just fine here. Nilfisk also offers all the machines we need. The Nilfisk technician is on site quickly if there is a problem due to the maintenance contract. "




"Great reception" in the prestigious station building

The heart of the station is the approximately 800 m2 barrier-free foyer with mosaic floor "surrounded" by an impressive glass dome. Here, travellers wait, look at the display board for their train - what real estate experts call "amenity value" occurs here. An approximately 200 m2 arcade follows. Bright stoneware tiles characterize the impression of the area, complemented by glass, stainless steel and powder-coated metals. It is clear that the cleaning team of DB Services do not allow this calling card of the train station out of sight for one minute. Every night it is thoroughly cleaned and occasionally during the day, if necessary.

Special care is required for the bright porcelain stoneware tiles - although they are acid-resistant, but the micro-porous surface allows the smallest dirt particles to enter. If that is not consistently taken care of, the tiles will become grey. A case for a "cleaning team", consisting of four "team players": clear water, the surfactant-free EASYQUICK maintenance cleaner, microfibre pads, and the Nilfisk BR 755 scrubber. This battery-operated ride-on with its two fibre pads cleans in 71 cm wide strips up to 4,500 square meters per hour - and also cleans the Teflon-coated concrete plates on the station square and in the large underpass daily with brushes. A hand-held cleaning machine is available for smaller areas.

"As few cleaning products as possible!"

The specifications by DB Services were clear: "As few cleaning products as possible!" Three DR.SCHNELL products prevailed in the tests: the surfactant-free maintenance cleaner EASYQUICK for mosaic floors and porcelain tiles, the acid sanitary cleaner and descaler MILIZID for sanitary areas and Glasfee, the ready-to-use cleaner for all glass surfaces . DR.SCHNELL Chemie consultant Sven Dresselhaus: "EASYQUICK removes all oily dirt such as soot and dust atmosphere dirt in the waiting room and shopping arcade; the product is enzyme and surfactant free, leaves no residue and prevents resoiling. It was also important for DB Services that no foam developed during cleaning, the cleaner is compatible with Aschaffenburg's water quality and the machines are filled quickly. We therefore rely on a rapid filling systems: The Nilfisk machines go there, are refilled with exactly the preset dose and go off again," said Caty Pechmann, DR.SCHNELL Chemie Key Account Manager for DB Services: "EASYQUICK is a "specialist" for high-traffic railroad depot areas and is also already in use in the Berlin Central Station, the largest German train station. You can rely on this product."

DB Services teams in the Aschaffenburg Central Station clean all materials in wet areas with MILIZID: Porcelain, stainless steel, chrome and aluminium, colour-fast plastic, porcelain tiles, rubber tiles, acid resistant tiles and enamel, toilets, sinks and plastic partitions. MILIZID removes mineral and organic or oily dirt, complicates the life of bacteria and leaves a glossy surface without wiping. Due to its non-corrosive setting, MILIZID maintains the value of the treated areas. The glass surfaces in the Aschaffenburg railway station keeps the ready-to-use Glasfee available, a lasting shine is guaranteed.



Roller brush for the strip of the visually impaired

Strips for the visually impaired - special tiles with grooves that are several millimetres deep - are embedded in the floor of the entire station area for visually impaired travellers. The roller brush has to be used for these visually impaired strips: The Nilfisk BA 551 C safely removes the dirt from the grooves with its bristles. This machine also runs on battery power, and is therefore independent of power connections. Due to the excellent cleaning power, Franz-Josef Hein also uses the machine for spot stain removal when needed. Peter Neumann, Nilfisk consultant in Aschaffenburg "The daily maintenance cleaning with Nilfisk machines is so thorough that considerably less basic cleaning is necessary. This saves DB Services enormous costs. "

The decathlete among outdoor cleaning machines

New in the Nilfisk machine fleet is the Nilfisk Egholm City Ranger 2250 - an equipment carrier with a full range of attachments for professional use all year round. This machine can be used daily as a sweeper and also seasonally as a mower or winter service machine for snow removal and path clearing. Nilfisk Key Account Manager Jörg Matthes: "The new Nilfisk Outdoor machine is an equipment carrier, which can be completely converted from one work function to the next within 60 seconds. This saves setup time. Today the Nilfisk Egholm City Ranger Station 2250 is already in use in the central train stations in Würzburg and Schweinfurt, and its use is also considered for Aschaffenburg. "

DB Services, DR.SCHNELL Chemie and Nilfisk-Advance thereby permanently guarantee that the Aschaffenburg railway station is well worth the visit. Because the first impression is correct - the on within 300 milliseconds - and also any other impression!