Take a deep, clean breath!

AZURIT now cleans its 34 senior and care centres with allergen free, neutrally scented cleaning products from DR.SCHNELL Chemie.

The AZURIT Group manages 34 senior and care homes throughout Germany. With the motto “Natural Living in Old Age”, around 2,000 employees look after more than 2,700 inhabitants. AZURIT Catering GmbH is responsible for providing catering and the cleaning of houses. As well as the cleaning personnel, cleaning products which provide professional hygiene, are economical to use, and sustainably care for people, the environment and materials, also determine the quality of the cleaning.

The AZURIT Group decided to introduce a new standard of highly compatible cleaning products for its 34 houses. DR.SCHNELL Chemie from Munich won the nationwide call for tenders with a concept which combines the highest hygienic effects with the lowest possible allergenic potential. In areas that are in particular need of protection, DR.SCHNELL Chemie draws on its ‘Sensitive’ cleaning products, which do not contain perfume oils, preservative or dyes, are biodegradable, and can be used efficiently, for example, for soft foam cleaning. The result was a high level of cleaning in all AZURIT houses, a sustainable, economical solution and very positive feedback from employees and residents – “The new neutrally scented cleaning products clean without side effects. It’s great!”

Scent is great…

…one would think. But the opposite is often true with cleaning products, as perfume oils can contain allergens which may cause problems for the skin and airways. Lemon, lavender, or balm may smell pleasant, but allergic reactions to them are becoming more and more common. So when the AZURIT Group decided to reallocate its contracts for cleaning products for its 34 senior and care centres, the direction was clear – the new supplier should guarantee a high standard of quality across Germany and only use cleaning products without fragrances, dyes, and preservatives.

Cleaning agents should protect AND clean!

Hans-Jürgen Thorner, CEO of AZURIT Catering GmbH: "Our staff members are constantly in contact with cleaning agents due to the daily cleaning of bathrooms, resident’s rooms, and common areas. Therefore, because we want to protect them and all the people who live in our facilities or are our guests, we want to provide the safest and best products available."

The tender, therefore, set the bar high. The AZURIT criteria: very economical, ONE product portfolio for the maintenance cleaning, hygiene and care areas, nationwide service in all AZURIT houses and detergents which sustainably protect people, the environment, and materials.

The winner – after intensive test runs – was DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH from Munich, which competed with its promise of "hygiene without fragrances, dyes, and preservatives for maximum prevention". The company has its roots in the former Munich soap factory. In 1978, Dr. Wolfgang Schnell already used mild, environmentally and health-friendly products to pave the way for today’s modern, pan-European company for professional cleaning, hygiene, disinfection and skin care products. Since 2006, Dr. Thomas Schnell has led the 200-employee company, together with his father.

»The new neutrally scented cleaning products clean without side effects.
It’s great!«

1A products and more

“Sensitive Line” is the name of the DR.SCHNELL cleaning system now making AZURIT’s 34 houses gleam every day. ‘Sensitive’ refers to the Milizid Sensitive, Forol Sensitive and Floortop Sensitive products, gentle versions of DR.SCHNELL industrial cleaning’s ‘powerful 3’ products.

Sensitive – the name says it all, and exactly fits AZURIT’s philosophy of ‘Natural Living in Old Age’. The ‘Sensitive Line’ only contains ingredients suitable for sensitive skin. Dr. Thomas Schnell summarised the benefits of this: ‘For Sensitive, we only use carefully chosen raw materials which are well tolerated by people and the environment. In short, with Sensitive you will be able to clean perfectly without fragrance, dyes, or preservatives.”

The AZURIT co-operation – DR.SCHNELL kills several birds with one stone

"Through the use of allergy-reducing products," says Hans-Jürgen Thorner, "we are improving the working conditions of our employees, protecting the environment and preserving the value of the properties and equipment. The user-friendly dispensing systems optimise material usage, which also supports our budget. DR.SCHNELL operates on a national level and can take care of our facilities nationwide. In addition, the DR.SCHNELL training centres offer our employees training specific to the products and to a system which has been especially designed for AZURIT. The nationwide change was a particular challenge, which was realised in an exemplary way. In the planning and transition phase, DR.SCHNELL’s tireless efforts and high flexibility had us convinced. We have given ourselves high standards - DR.SCHNELL is an important partner in this."

And how has the new cleaning line been received by the employees of AZURIT Catering? The answer is clear – really well! Edith Ratsch, employee in maintenance cleaning at Grünstadt Senior Centre: "As far as allergic reactions are concerned, my workplace has become much safer, which gives me a good feeling. The neutral smell makes the work more pleasant, and also easier, thanks to the improved cleaning power of the products."

Even the relatives of the residents welcome the change to detergent without perfumes. According to the daughter of a resident of AZURIT’s ASAM senior centre in Rohr, "My mother is sensitive to odours of all kinds. The biggest advantage I see is that the new cleaning agents also prevent allergies. The less my mother is exposed to irritants in the AZURIT senior facilities, the more satisfied I am with my decision for her to be cared for here."

Conclusion: In professional cleaning “please, no side effects!” is an important statement to keep in mind. Now, you can take a deep, clean breath in all 34 AZURIT houses in Germany with a clear conscience, without compromising on flawless cleaning.