Professional hygiene partner for chain-store companies

Trading companies that are organized through chain-store subsidiaries combine two strengths: economically responsible, self-dependent subsidiaries and centralized specifications that affect all subsidiaries – for example, on aspects like purchasing and quality management. An essential element of quality management in chain-store companies is the professional cleaning of the shop area – from the storage areas for goods and products through the passages right up to the toilet facilities. A case for DR.SCHNELL Chemie, experienced partner of all chain-store companies on all questions of professional hygiene.

The cooperation between chain-store companies and DR.SCHNELL Chemie covers among other things, the creation of hygiene concepts, application-specific products, on-site employee training courses, documentation and development of new hygiene solutions for specific requirements in trade. “Our claim is to guarantee customized hygiene solutions and excellent solutions to our chain-store customers“, explains Enrico Sosinski, Director Strategic Wholesale Customers at DR.SCHNELL Chemie, “We therefore offer first-class cleaning products and a complete service around the products to our chain-store companies. Safety and economy for the business management and users are our top concern.”

DR.SCHNELL trains the employees of each chain-store company entrusted with cleaning once every year, instructs them about the product system and conducts training on hazardous substances, if necessary. DR.SCHNELL also develops a skin protection plan which specifies accurately how hand and skin protection is to be used in the concerned chain-store companies before and after work. In the food and groceries area, DR.SCHNELL offers a product system for cleaning and disinfection which is recommended by the Federal Association for Food Control (BVLK). For all products in the food area, there are additional HACCP certifications.

“We develop the hygiene concept for our chain-store customers continuously“, explains Enrico Sosinski, “Thus, we respond immediately to new requirements. When a customer has a special challenge, we grapple with the problem and come up with a safe and reliable solution.”

Besides, there is the DR.SCHNELL e-learning programme for chain-store clients: the online tool which is available in six languages – German, English, Greek, Italian, Russian and Turkish covers hazardous substance- and hygiene solutions. The friendly entertaining tool is ideally suited also for participants having a migration background. Recently, the DR.SCHNELL e-learning programme won the renowned European Comenius EduMedia Competition 2014 award.

Personal support by DR.SCHNELL professional consultants
Personal support by DR.SCHNELL professional consultants is an integral part of the holistic hygiene concept.
Sustainable products are used here for cleaning and disinfection
A sticker in the entrance area informs clients: Sustainable products are used here for cleaning and disinfection.
Format GR
The product Format GR perfect is ideal for cleaning porcelain, stoneware tiles of a market with the help of floor grinding