Knowledge for a more pleasant home

The Dominikus Ringeisen home has put its trust in DR.SCHNELL Chemie as its partner for cleaning and hygiene

The Dominikus Ringeisen home has put its trust in DR.SCHNELL Chemie as its partner for cleaning and hygiene. The public law church foundation has been cleaning its 25 facilities throughout Bavaria on the basis of the Munich chemicals company’s hygiene concepts for the past 15 years.

Every person has the right to a dignified life. Although this is part of our basic rights today, in 1884 this was not the case. The same year, pastoral worker Dominikus Ringeisen bought the old Premonstratensian abbey in Augsburg and created a home for the disabled. Today, the Dominikus Ringeisen home is a church-run charity with more than 2,000 employees who work together to provide a home for disabled children, youth, and adults, caring for them and offering both schooling and professional education. 25 locations within Bavaria.

The answer to high demands: quality with no excuses

The Dominikus Ringeisen home’s signet shows an iron ring with a seven-branched tree growing out of it. These symbolise the seven corporal and spiritual works of mercy – the charity’s mission statement. “These guidelines”, says Christian Morhard, head buyer at the Dominikus Ringeisen home, “are what we are aiming to fulfil every day when caring for those entrusted to us. This takes into account all areas of our facilities and the resulting interfaces as a whole. One interacts with the other and this depends just as much on human contact as on consistency with all the legal requirements, or the hygiene of our rooms.”

There is high demand, which asks a lot of the charity’s employees and managers. To fulfil it, DR.SCHNELL Chemie applied a healthcare- and environmentally friendly economical quality programme, which focuses on two aspects – first-class service and the safe use of cleaning chemicals.

Training provides knowledge AND Safety

DR.SCHNELL Chemie emphasises the need for regular training – following the motto "how to". Employees who have learnt how to use cleaning products "from scratch" know exactly how to apply them effectively. Effectively means knowing the effectiveness of the cleaning agent, knowing how to dose depending on surface conditions, and taking care when dealing with cleaning chemicals. Of course, the training also includes details of skin protection – before and after cleaning.

This training has helped raise awareness amongst the cleaning staff of what should be considered for effective AND economical cleaning. For years, DR.SCHNELL Chemie has also been conducting a yearly home hygiene seminar with the household management. So even the bosses know what is important when cleaning, what their requirements should be, and the knowledge their employees have.

»In DR.SCHNELL Chemie, we have found a partner with whom we can find practical and economical solutions.«

Bjorn Bastian Engels, consultant at DR.SCHNELL Chemie confirmed, "In recent years, we have made many changes in collaboration with the Dominikus Ringeisen home. As a manufacturer of professional cleaning and disinfectant chemicals, DR.SCHNELL sees itself as a full service DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH, Taunusstrasse 19, D - 80807 Munich Tel.: +49(0)89 / 35 06 08 0, Fax: +49 (0)89 / 35 06 08 47,, 2 provider for the healthcare sector. To us, "one-stop" means supporting our customers individually and holistically. We are here for any questions relating to hygiene, run technical operations on site, and train employees."

This comprehensive service from DR.SCHNELL Chemie has sustainably contributed to cutting the Dominikus Ringeisen home’s cleaning costs, thereby proving that knowledge leads to efficiency.

New tasks require individual solutions

"When it comes to the domestic sector, we are constantly faced with new issues," says Christine Goßner, the charity’s overall housekeeping manager. "These issues must be addressed individually. Each supervised person is different and has a right to the necessary care. To meet this requirement, we attach great importance to the qualification of our employees – and also to our co-operation with reliable partners, such as DR.SCHNELL Chemie. DR.SCHNELL Chemie offers not just products, but also hygiene concepts that are precisely tailored to our individual needs. Their solutions contain experience gathered over many years, from which we are able to benefit greatly."

“I feel safe when using cleaning products from DR.SCHNELL Chemie”, says cleaner Anna-Maria Wank. “My colleagues and I received intensive training, with all of our questions answered. I like to work with products and hygiene solutions which I know, and whose efficiency I can see at work every day. In this way, we almost work as ambassadors – because we translate the motto of giving people a pleasant home. That gives meaning to my work.”

Christian Morhard comments, “In DR.SCHNELL Chemie, we have found a partner with whom we can find practical and economical solutions. The intensive on-site training means that questions are addressed and dealt with immediately. DR.SCHNELL Chemie also focuses on quality, service on-site, employees’ technical competence and dealing gently with the environment. This fits our motto perfectly!”

In life you need a home where you can feel at ease. DR.SCHNELL Chemie’s comprehensive service and quality training provides a valuable contribution towards this feel-good home being part of the Dominikus Ringeisen home’s facilities. For those who live amongst us.