Holistic health!

Customers and DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH focus on health for the cleaning concepts of the Freyung, Waldkirchen and Grafenau clinics

When you picture the Bavarian Forest, you see impressively beautiful landscape, friendly people, leisure time and clean air. No wonder that the Freyung-Grafenau district, where the Bavarian Forest National Park is located, sees itself as the “Bavarian Health Region”. The three district clinics in Freyung, Grafenau and Waldkirchen contribute substantially to this image. These “Golden Trail Clinics”, as they are named after an old east Bavarian trade route, offer their patients the concept of “three locations under one roof” – modern medical health care including diagnostics, therapy and care covering all essential medical areas.

The three clinics aspire to a high level of quality – and the same quality that applies to diagnostics, therapy and care is also expected of hygiene. “Cleanliness is key in our clinics”, says Cäcilia Lohr, head of house economics at the “Golden Trail Clinics”: “Every day we ensure that all the rooms in all three clinics are absolutely clean. To achieve this, we have developed a holistic cleaning concept that we, together with our colleagues at the Goldenen Steig gGmbH and the FRG-Service-GmbH clinics, implement consistently. DR.SCHNELL Chemie is part of this concept and provides us with professional as well as gentle cleaning detergents. For years now DR.SCHNELL Chemie has been responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the beds and bedding in all three clinics.” The FRG-Service-GmbH is also a service provider for the Bankcenter Grafenau, the Caritas offices in the Passau-Land district and the Geriatrie.

The cleaning concept includes all clinic spaces: the rooms of the eleven wards – six wards in Freyung, three in Grafenau, two large wards in Waldkirchen; as well as the corridors, baths and toilets, all the treatment rooms, the kitchens and dining halls, and storage areas, pharmacy and changing rooms. The cleaning also includes the health care school in Freyung. Since June 2013, all these rooms are cleaned with the DR.SCHNELL SENSITIVE line. Cäcilia Lohr: “We chose the SENSITIVE line, because two aspects are equally important to us: the effectiveness of the cleaning products AND the care for materials and the environment. In our clinics, we care for the health of our patients. It is clear that our cleaning must be just as healthy – without losing effectiveness. The SENSITIVE line brings these two points harmoniously together.”

»Our cleaning process is just as professional as a service provider. I have spent many years as a service provider. I know how important efficiency, quality and cost-sensitivity are.«

The recipe is the deciding factor

The SENSITIVE products provide objective hygiene without fragrance, colouring or preservative ingredients making them superbly suited for clinics as well as for doctors’ premises, old age homes, kindergartens, day nurseries, schools and hotels. The SENSITIVE line includes three DR.SCHNELL facility cleaning brands: MILIZID SENSITIVE, FOROL SENSITIVE and FLOORTOP SENSITIVE - these are especially sensitive variants of the “Powerful 3” produced by the facility cleaning division of DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH. “The SENSITIVE line combines best product qualities with very fine, low allergenic substances,” explains Harald Falter, technical consultant with DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH. “In addition, the product composition has the least impact for humans and the environment. And it can be efficiently applied with soft foam cleaner. Quality-conscious clinics such as the three “Golden Trail Clinics” can profit the most from its use.”

Recommended by DAAB 

In 2011, DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH’s SENSITIVE line was the first professional cleaning system to be recommended by the Deutschen Allergie- und Asthmabund e. V. (German Allergy and Asthma Association) with the best marks awarded for skin and respiratory compatibility as well as cleaning performance. DAAB director Andrea Walraffen: “The test persons awarded the SENSITIVE line overwhelmingly very good and good marks for respiratory and skin compatibility. The DR.SCHNELL SENSITIVE products are therefore the first products by a professionally manufacturer which we recommend on behalf of DAAB.”

Free from allergens – always an important criteria, when patients chose a clinic

An allergen-free environment is gaining ever more significance, especially for babies, children and young families. DAAB director Andrea Walraffen: “Within the scope of our advisory work, we receive more and more requests from mothers and fathers of children with allergies; they are looking for clinics suitable for babies and children with allergies. Questions concerning food allergies and fragrances come up alongside concerns about skin care or insights about handling allergies, asthma, COPD and neurodermatitis. Against this backdrop, we are developing a database of facilities who do without allergenic fragrances or who’s kitchen can cater for food intolerances and allergies.” 

As “health service providers”, the “Golden Trail Clinics” fit perfectly into this scheme - of course the clinics are listed in the DAAB database.

“Efficiency, quality and cost-consciousness are decisive.”

“Our cleaning process is just as professional as a service provider”, says Cäcilia Lohr, “I have spent many years as a service provider. I know how important efficiency, quality and cost-sensitivity are. A house economics supervisor is responsible for each of the three clinics. Each supervisor has a cleaning staff team who are employed by the in-house FRG-Service GmbH. Cleaning takes place on a daily basis: the adjacent areas, such as the laboratory, endoscopy, etc. are cleaned in the early morning followed by the wards. The afternoon shift does the second cleaning round of the wards in the two big clinics in Freyung and Grafenau as well as the final cleaning of the OR. Each member of staff is responsible for a specific ward. And: 80% of all cleaning staff know about the cleaning of all areas. This keeps us flexible during holidays and sick leave.”

Exact dosage of detergents - a case for DR.SCHNELL’s iSystem

The cleaning agent dosage in the three clinics is very important. Cäcilia Lohr: “The right dosage determines the quality of the cleaning AND the efficiency. DR.SCHNELL’s iSystem supports us here. The dosage works perfectly.”

iSYSTEM, the patented dosage and mixing device with RFID chip recognition for facility cleaning measures each cleaning detergent to the exact predetermined setting. Harald Falter: “Once the suitable detergent and dosage have been set for the specific material, the cleaning goes exactly according to plan. And this is completely independent of the individual cleaning staff. This gives the responsible staff not only a sense of security but also leads to perfect cleaning result as well as protecting the environment and the materials.”

Service takes first place

Service is also essential in the co-operation of the clinics in Freyung, Grafenau and Waldkirchen with DR.SCHNELL. The DR.SCHNELL service package for the three clinics includes individual, lawful cleaning and disinfection plans as well as the careful documentation of all cleaning and disinfection work. Harald Falter: “During the onsite application trainings we show the housekeeping staff how to use the products effectively, how to dose them and how to ensure cost-safety. All very practical, of course.” Cäcilia Lohr: “When professionals work together, the results are impressive.”