HighTech meets HighTech.

Differentiated cleaning system in use at MTU Aero Engines in Munich by Herrmann Schmidt & Services

MTU Aero Engines is Germany's leading engine manufacturer. The company develops, manufactures, sells, and supports commercial and military aircraft engines in all thrust and power categories and stationary industrial gas turbines. The primary production site is in Munich. As one of the major players in the aviation industry, MTU sets the highest standards of material quality as well as precision and quality in manufacturing, logistics and organization. Quality also has a high priority in cleaning. About three-quarters of the area in the MTU headquarters in Munich is cleaned by the building service provider in Munich, Herrmann & Schmidt, since early 2012.

"We take the issue of cleaning very seriously," says José Alcantara, Senior Project Manager of Facility Management at MTU: "We produce engines, cleanliness is therefore of the utmost importance. We therefore have strict requirements on quality. As part of our quality assurance system, we specify precise figures to the service providers. We check every four weeks, if the targets are achieved. Where required, we follow up. The bar is high!"

»On the basis of the service specifications specified by MTU, we defined the cleaning parameters for each building with DR.SCHNELL. We therefore utilize cleaning products and mop covers as required.«

More than half a million square meters per month

The exact function set by MTU includes the cleaning of factories, offices, restrooms, elevators and stairways. The training workshop and canteen are also included. A total area of ​​about 550,000 square meters per month. Daily, from Monday to Friday, around 35 Herrmann & Schmidt employees are engaged in professionally performing high precision cleaning.
The various buildings have different uses, spatial concepts and floor coverings; they require a special cleaning system that is safely and reliably implemented every day. Every detail has to fit, the process must match perfectly - that goes for cleaning technique, cleaning equipment and the selection of cleaning products. Each movement follows the defined performance list.

The 5-component cleaning system ...

... includes the cleaning method used, the cleaner, the mop covers, the mechanical preparation of the mop covers and professional skin protection.

All cleaning methods in use

Anyone cleaning in the high tech environment also needs high tech systems: Three cleaning methods are therefore used at MTU, depending on the floor and room characteristics: the machine cleaning, with an automatic scrubber as well as ride-on machine, the spray cleaning of surfaces in sanitary areas and offices as well as manually wiping with a horizontal press for cleaning the floor in restrooms, all stone surfaces and PVC flooring.

"Two for all occasions"

The cleaning agents selected by Herrmann & Schmidt are based on the principle of "two for all occasions." Mainly, the two DR.SCHNELL MILIZID cleaning agents, acid cleaner and descaler for sanitary facilities, and Forol, the multi-purpose cleaner for all surfaces and various coverings as floor cleaner. Both "do their job" in spray cleaning or soft foam cleaning as in manual wiping. Forol is also used in cleaning machines. Whether stamping ink, oil, grease, soot and nicotine - the floor cleaner grabs all and is also suitable for antistatic coatings. Forex is used for deep cleaning of tough dirt of porcelain stoneware. The high-performance mopping FLOORTOP is used occasionally for cleaning and the care of special coatings, e.g. in the canteen.

Mop covers: Double peak of chemistry and mechanics.

Advanced materials also for the mop covers: In sanitary areas, the cleaning staff works with microfibre brushes. outside of the sanitary facilities they use cotton mop covers. The Herrmann & Schmidt team uses the Mopp Sicuro 4 by PPS once a week for maintenance cleaning of porous surfaces with a high entry of dirt. Deep down dirt is therefore dissolved effectively; and the cycle of interim cleaning can be extended. Sicuropads by PPS is also used for machine cleaning in areas with a high degree of dirt or porous surfaces.
"The concept and intensity of cleaning depend on the surface, the dirt level and type of dirt," says Uwe Schmidt, MTU Property Manager at Herrmann & Schmidt: "Based on the service specifications specified by MTU, we defined the cleaning parameters for each building with DR.SCHNELL. We therefore utilize our cleaning products and mops as required. "
"We use our many years of expertise in order to prepare the cleaning service provider for his task," says Daniel Minchilli, DR.SCHNELL consultant: "Together with Uwe Schmidt, I inspected the selected MTU rooms, and we exactly specified the work flow with the service list in hand. The result are cleaning and disinfection plans, and a concept suitable for the MTU task concerning mop covers, products and the exact dosing. Employee and user training are naturally also a part. "

Highly differentiated preparation of the mop covers

In order to make the mop covers fit for their purpose, they must be receptive to the dirt. And that means: Daily off to the washing machine! Whether microfibre brush, cotton mop covers or Sicuropads - only pure deep pore scrubbing pads pick up the dirt in its entirety. The "Always new preparation" is therefore of the utmost importance. Various washing programs are therefore defined for for cotton and microfibre mop covers and microfibre cloths. A closed system that precisely enters the predefines amount of detergent at the right time into the washing machine at the start of the program. This ensures a long service life of covers. Since the mop covers in industrial cleaning darken easily, the cotton covers can also be subjected to a "whitening program." The gentle PROFESSIONAL 4 ARIEL additive for white material is used here. All of these professional activities always guarantee that the mop covers "do their job" efficiently.

Professional skin protection

The Herrmann & Schmidt cleaning staff benefits from a V10 dispenser system for skin protection (SamoLind) and sustainable skin care (SAMTALIN). Both are from DR.SCHNELL's skin care range.
"Cleaning at MTU is a particularly challenging task," says Uwe Schmidt: "The customer, MTU, knows exactly what he wants. You also speak with the expert for details of the task. MTU has awarded us the contract for the third time. We will use all our professionalism to permanently meet the high quality level. "