Sustainable hygiene for people and property

Hospital in Bensheim relies on the hand sanitiser-resistant high-performance coating of DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH

The Holy Spirit Hospital is a Catholic hospital with 132 beds located in Bensheim. The medical focus is surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, ear, nose and throat medicine, pain management and urology.

When the hospital building was completed in early 2012, building cleaning including linoleum floors was pending. The contract was awarded to the Olsons Gebäudereinigungs- und Dienstleistungs GmbH. One of the challenges: Can a system of floor coating be found, which is resistant to hand sanitiser?

In order to prevent nosocomial infections, extensive hand hygiene has been an everyday routine in hospitals for over one hundred years. For doctors and nurses, not only regular hand washing, but also regular hand disinfection is mandatory. Was der Hygiene dient, hat eine unschöne Nebenwirkung: Bei der hygienischen What serves hygiene, has a nasty side effect: In hygienic hand disinfection, hand sanitiser frequently gets on the floor. The result: The alcohol-based hand sanitiser dissolves conventional polymer coatings and leaves damaged areas, which are visible as bright spots. How can you combine clean hands and undamaged floors?

Tested in a long-term surface test

The Holy Spirit Hospital in Bensheim combined the bid for the final cleaning of the new hospital building with a requirement: The floor coating must be resistant to the alcohol-based hand disinfectants used. A challenge that moved Manfred Götz, Technical Director of the service provider Olsons to a practical test. In a separate room, he coated a surface with a coating agent previously used in the Holy Spirit Hospital, another with the new ONTOP HOSPITAL SILK by DR.SCHNELL Chemie. After the drying period, the two areas were divided and all alcohol-based hand sanitisers administered in the hospital were selectively applied.

Manfred Götz left the solutions on both coatings for 72 hours - that is, much longer than a disinfectant affects surfaces in clinical practice. "I have deliberately created difficult conditions," said Manfred Götz, "because there should be a coating which is also resistant to hand disinfectants for 72 hours, and then it will also be in clinical practice."

»For our patients, our visitors
and all of us who work in the
Holy Spirit Hospital, hygiene and
cleanliness are paramount — for
medical and aesthetic reasons.«

The result of the practice test: The previously used coating was affected and the protective film was also significantly impaired. Quite different from ONTOP HOSPITAL SILK: After the dried residues were removed with clean water, the coating was intact and continued to protect the flooring. Manfred Götz subsequently recommended that hospital management use the product. They repeated the test and received the same result.

If a floor coating is resistant to the ubiquitous hand sanitisers in hospitals, the coating remains permanently intact, the floors look and are clean. With ONTOP HOSPITAL SILK, the typical white patches from hand sanitiser are a thing of the past. Added to this is the quick and easy application.

After basic cleaning with the general basic cleaner TEMPOLINO ULTRA, in which the customary neutralising steps are omitted, ON TOP HOSPITAL SILK can already be properly coated onto the linoleum floor with residual moisture. "A tremendous time savings over conventional basic cleaning and coating systems," states Manfred Götz: "Handling the dosage on the floor is greatly facilitated by the 3-litre bottle. I have, therefore, jointly recommended with the architect and builder to the management of the Holy Spirit Hospital in Bensheim to work permanently with ONTOP HOSPITAL SILK. "

"For our patients, our visitors and all of us who work in the Holy Spirit Hospital, hygiene and cleanliness are paramount - for medical and aesthetic reasons," said Margaret Stirner, director of nursing at Holy Spirit Hospital. "We have repeated the practical test recommended by Mr Goetz on our own and found it to be confirmed: ONTOP HOSPITAL SILK is the only coating agent on the market which is resistant to all of our hand sanitisers. This has been the decisive factor for us to permanently work with this coating system."

Sabine Kaiser, who accompanied the Olsons team in the practice test: "ONTOP HOSPITAL SILK adheres extremely well to thoroughly cleaned and still residual moist linoleum. The coating is very easy and very fast since residual moisture requires no consideration. I am particularly impressed by the possibility of the maintenance film restoration in addition to the durability of ONTOP; the good appearance of the coating is, therefore, restored in a relatively short time. The shine is permanent."

ONTOP HOSPITAL SILK is metal salt-free and, therefore, very environmentally friendly. The novel polymer combination guarantees a long service life.

Preserving tradition, actively shaping the future

Stefan Bergauer, senior consultant at DR.SCHNELL Chemie: "Our product philosophy is: Preserving tradition, actively shaping the future. The reliable top product ONTOP was further developed for medical facilities, the basic substance has indeed been excellent for many years. With the expansion of ONTOP products, we achieve a new level of performance with additional customer benefits."