The Wyndham Grand Hotel Salzburg Conference Centre is the ideal conference hotel for business people and holiday-makers, who want to visit and explore Salzburg. The 257 hotel rooms have a fresh and clear  design. The GCH Hotel Group management relies on DR.SCHNELL experts as their trusted cleaning partner. We went there to see for ourselves.


reinigungaktuell 11/2015; TEXT PETER DE CILLIA

Many guests visit the centrally located business hotel everyday. Therefore, the responsible hotel staff focus not only on hospitality, comfort, service and culinary kitchen and cellar experiences. Hygiene is just as important. “Since we have now received the Austrian Eco Award for the second time, we see our cleaning strategy for sustainability and environmental awareness clearly confirmed. Focussing on hygiene and disinfection, we ensure the safe handling of the cleaning detergents by the staff. Trainings conducted by DR.SCHNELL ensure that our staff are up to date with cleaning techniques, applications and the safe use of the chemicals. To achieve our high expectations, we expect the best results from our staff and the available material”, says the responsible housekeeper Simone Pichler.

Mrs Pichler continues: “An old saying states: ‘The more the merrier’ - but this does not apply to cleaning chemicals. DR.SCHNELL has optimised the chemicals with regards to the different materials and made them high yielding. For us, therefore, the saying is ‘The less is better.’”

The Right Dose


DR.SCHNELL’s experts support the hotel through a holistic cleaning and hygiene concept including housekeeping and kitchen area. The most important DR.SCHNELL products are used. The hotel kitchen is large as it used to be used by Lufthansa for Salzburg Airport. This is why the kitchen is handled by the dose center “MX Center” and the “mighty 3 of large scale kitchen hygiene”: the PERCOID descaling agent, the GASTRO PUR oil/fat dissolvent and the DESIFOR-A surfaces disinfection cleaner. This system cleans and disinfects all washable surfaces and kitchen units. PERCOID and GASTRO PUR are used to clean surfaces, floors and walls; both products are RK listed. DESIFOR-A, used for area disinfection, is a bactericide and yeasticidal according to EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 13697.

All three products can be used with any current cleaning technology. In addition, there are three Eurospray facilities for GASTRO PUR / GASTRO PUR ÖKO and DESIFOR-A. The rinsing technology consists of a rack conveyor and a hood type dish washer as well as a dish dryer for high water hardness. These machines are used with both Perotex CF 3000 products and Mafor S, the liquid rinsing agent. The pot and pan washer uses Perotex ALU Protect, the glass washer cleans with Perotex GLS. Both also apply Mafor S as a liquid rinsing agent. The quick disinfectant solution is Desifor Quick Plus.

Clean places everywhere     

When asked where she believes the most sensitive areas with regards to hygiene are, Simone Pichler gives a clear answer: “My opinion is that the guests’ first impression is decisive. And this is relevant everywhere. Starting with the lobby, the restaurant and pool area and of course the rooms. Not to forget the corridors, stairs and elevators. We even continuously check the staff area which at first is not visible to guests.” 

In short: A hotel is a time and staff intensive place, particularly with regards to cleaning and hygiene. “Every single day we have between 20 and 25 staff working on the maintenance cleaning, room cleaning and public areas including the seminar rooms with combined 1950 sq metres. They spread their work over a period of time starting at 4 AM and ending at 10 PM. Maintenance cleaning such as special care, cleaning and maintenance of various areas are done on a weekly and monthly basis”, concludes the housekeeper. 

After consulting with the DR.SCHNELL experts, the hotel management also chose “the strong three of facility cleaning” for the housekeeping - a cleaning system DR.SCHNELL brought to market in 1986 and has been an industry standard for a long time now.

 Here the sanitary cleaner & descaling agent MILIZID, the universal cleaner FOROL for quick and easy surface cleaning and FLOORTOP as a high performance wipe care are used. This cleaning system is easy to apply and definitely saves costs. The following expert products are added to housekeeping: The ready-to-use surface and desktop cleaner NOVO PEN-OFF, Quick Trice for carpet and upholstery cleaning, the fragrance spray Exotic flair for smoking rooms. In addition, Desifor Quick Plus Wipes are used for fast disinfection and Milibac for the SPA area. The cleaning pros not only ensure the highest quality and environmental standards in their offered cleaning techniques and products, a high practicality is equally important. This can be seen with the Desifor Quick Plus Wipes for fast disinfection. The wipes are alcoholic and disinfect tables, chairs and couches within seconds.

The full range philosophy 

CEO Dr. Thomas Schnell describes the full range philosophy in this way: “Trust is key, this makes us internally and externally strong. As a family-run enterprise, we have a long-term outlook, we think and act in generations. Some companies have been our customers for decades; they trust us and our quality.” 

Dr. Schnell continues: “For us, the active development of our company values is essential. We focus on premium quality in every aspect of our company and take economic, ecological and social sustainability seriously. In a professional cleaning detergents market products alone are not enough. Service, especially, is just as important. For us, this includes individual consulting, hygiene concept, trainings, innovative tools and solutions for very specific customer needs. For our customers, we are producer and supplier of high-quality products and at the same time consultant and partner for all-round successful hygiene. When the application is lastingly right, then effectiveness and profitability for our customers will be right as well.” The managing director concludes: “Many hotels are family businesses. This creates a natural connection with DR.SCHNELL. Because values, quality perception and service orientation are of the highest priority for all family-owned businesses.”

Profitability of the hotel enterprise

DR.SCHNELL ensures this through:


  • Cleaning products that are effective as well as caring towards people, materials and the environment
  • High concentrated
  • Highly efficient dosing systems
  • Individual, lawful cleaning and disinfection plans
  • Trainings for cleaning staff. ”Knowing how” creates efficiency. Efficiency makes for profitability.
  • Comparatively few products for many applications
  • Service tools such as individual consulting, development of hygiene plans, lawfully required trainings, competent hotline