Rush hour on the slide

Successful hygiene concept from DR.SCHNELL Chemie GmbH for Europe's largest water slide paradise, the GALAXY ERDING

Whoever enjoyed Europe's largest slide paradise, the GALAXY ERDING at the Therme Erding, knows what a rush is. Young and old storm the slide tower, and eagerly await the next departure on one of the 20 slides. Permanent rush hour on 11,400 square metres, every day! More than 1.5 million water, sauna and spa fans annually come to the Therme Erding - more than one million mainly for the slides. The daily challenge: How does one keep the slide paradise clean during operations? Time for a holistic cleaning approach.

Where so many bare feet are en route and wetness "from home" is included, disinfection is most important. At the same time, the stairs in the slide tower should possibly be skidproof - for children and young people frequently "storm" up in the tower rather than walk up. It is also necessary to ensure that lime is dissolved and cleaning does not leave any visible film.

"Hygiene and safety for our visitors have the highest priority for us at GALAXY ERDING," says Stefan Holetz, Area Manager at the theme paradise GALAXY ERDING: "Our guests should feel good all around. So the fun is at the centre, we take great care that the cleanliness is correct. We have each area in view: the slide tower, all stairs and floors and all our quiet zones. Hygiene and safety are inseparable at the GALAXY ERDING. The best approach is just good enough for us."

Since June 2012, a new concept of hygiene has been in use in Europe's largest slide paradise. Because in order to meet the diverse needs even better, the cleaning company of GALAXY ERDING, the August Weber Gebäudereinigung GmbH, recommended working with products by DR.SCHNELL Chemie. "We are very demanding in selecting our cleaning products," says Karin Mathes, site manager of August Weber commercial cleaning for GALAXY ERDING: "We only use products that are in line with the legal requirements, and our own high environmental standards. All the detergents that we use are biodegradable, non-toxic and not subject to instruction under the Hazardous Substances Regulations. We ensure that the products are gentle on health and economical in use. Our main supplier is DR.SCHNELL Chemie, which is validated according to EMAS. Together with DR.SCHNELL, we have developed a new holistic approach to cleaning for GALAXY ERDING. "

Daily cleaning at GALAXY ERDING consists of five elements: disinfecting all the stairs, floors and restrooms in the morning before opening the pool, regular cleaning of all the walls and floors, continuous stripping of all stairs and floors, regular cleaning of the lounges and floors in the rest areas and hourly cleaning of toilets.

»If concept, team and cleaners are perfectly matched, such a complex task as the GALAXY ERDING can also be solved during operations.«

Disinfectant and lime solution in one

Every morning from 8:30 until 9:30, all barefoot and contact surfaces, that is, the steps in the slide tower, the floors in front of the slide tower and in the lounge area and the restrooms are disinfected. MILIBAC, surface disinfectant and descaler for sanitary applications is used here. MILIBAC disinfects and cleans all acid resistant surfaces, dissolves mineral deposits such as lime, removes organic contaminants such as oils from skin and is also effective against legionella and polyomaviruses. When visitors arrive at around 10 am, it is ensured, thanks to the short exposure, that all floors are reliably disinfected.

Cleaning is done in the GALAXY ERDING with MILIZID, the acidic sanitary cleaner and scale remover, which was specifically developed by DR.SCHNELL for the hygienic cleaning of the bathrooms area. The "Cleaner for Wet Areas" removes mineral and organic or greasy contaminants and leaves glossy surfaces without wiping. MILIZID is it is up to 99% biodegradable and, therefore, it is also particularly gentle on material, the environment, and skin. It is applied by a foam gun, the cleaning machine, and manually.

"All materials in the wet areas can be cleaned with MILIZID: Porcelain, stainless steel, chrome and aluminium, colour-fast plastic, stoneware, rubber tiles, acid resistant tiles and enamel, toilets, sinks and plastic partitions, glass and also aluminium window frames" says Daniel Minchilli, senior consultant at DR.SCHNELL Chemie: "This multi-functional use makes the product so important for various application types in the GALAXY ERDING."

Against the risk of slipping

At least two day employees regularly remove the eater - on the steps of the slide tower with the puller, below in front of the slide tower with the machine. If required, the cleaning crew is busy several hours, on weekends and during major holidays. The risk of slipping and injuries is thereby prevented.

Proven products - proven effect

The neutral oil and grease remover PETRA is used for cleaning acid-sensitive surfaces such as marble walls. PETRA dissolves stubborn dirt, is material compatible and hypo-allergenic. Vitrified tiles, which can quickly become dirty is tackled by the August Weber-cleaning team by using FOREX: Deep seated dirt is dissolved from stone - and particularly gentle on material. MILOSTAR is used to clean mirrors, marble and stainless steel in the bathroom. DESIFO QUICK PLUS is used for residue-free rapid disinfection for the hygienic cleanliness of the lounges in GALAXY ERDING's rest area. One wipe - and the lounges are clean and disinfected again.

During ongoing operations

"If concept, team and cleaners are perfectly matched, such a complex task as the GALAXY ERDING can also be solved during operations," says Daniel Minchilli, "the GALAXY ERDING sought a new cleaning concept that guarantees lasting disinfection, hygiene, slip resistance material and environmental compatibility. We have analysed the problem and developed a holistic concept, which needs only a few products. These products are also highly efficient, save time in use, are environmentally friendly and gentle on materials." Stefan Holetz.: "In terms of hygiene, we are always looking for the best possible solution. The recommendation of our cleaning company August Weber to work with products from DR.SCHNELL convinced us. The cleaning staff enjoys working with it, and the feedback from the team is positive. We will also continue to make the monthly so-called impression test, we take bacteria samples at 20 different locations in the Galaxy Erding, have them examined by the laboratory and take immediate action, if required."

GALAXY ERDING, August Weber Gebäudereinigung and DR.SCHNELL Chemie work together professionally to ensure that the daily rush hour in Europe's largest slide paradise is one thing above all - a lot of fun.