Protected hands and more

RWS Catering Service GmbH equipped all of their kitchens with DR.SCHNELL skin protection system SamoLind

Founded in 1999 in Leipzig, RWS Catering Service GmbH offers its customers comprehensive services in the catering industry. The company, which is part of the RWS Group, provides retirement homes, medical facilities, schools and daycare with healthy and varied food and operates kitchens, cafeterias and restaurants on-site on request. Reliable service and the highest quality and safety are paramount for RWS Caterers - with the slogan "Really close. Personally there." As a long standing customer of DR.SCHNELL, RWS Catering Service decided in 2007 on the introduction of the skin protection system SamoLind.

The DR.SCHNELL moisturiser for the skin

The SamoLind Skin protection gel protects the skin from direct contact with aqueous work, irritating and harmful substances such as water, alcohol, food, disinfectants, acids, alkalis, salts, lime, cement, gypsum and water miscible cutting fluids, dish washing and laundry detergents. The fast-absorbing, fragrance-free and silicone-free skin protection cream is particularly suitable for use in kitchens, nursing and retirement homes, hospitals, food retail, hotels and restaurants. SamoLind hydrates the skin with glycerine and protects it from drying out. The Vitamin E contained in SamoLind Vitamin E helps to soothe reddened and stressed skin and protects against skin diseases. The SamoLind system also scores with its formulation: The V10-wall dispenser is mounted to the wall, perfectly dosed and economical to use.

SamoLind is complemented by SamtaSan, the silicone-free, fast absorbing skin care cream for dry and damaged skin. SamtaSan contains extremely valuable natural skin care ingredients and protection factors, which compensates for the daily loss of skin moisture and skin oil.

A complete system for professional practice

The product features were the basis for the decision of RWS Caterers to use SamoLind for the skin protection of their employees. "But," said Managing Director Christine Biermann, "DR.SCHNELL brings a lot more as a supplier of professional cleaning and skin protection products: The service also includes the provision of disinfection plans, equipment with disinfection equipment including maintenance and inspection as well as performing training of our personnel. DR.SCHNELL recognises what really matters in terms of hygiene in our facilities and submits applicable solutions. And: Everything is transparent, and the priceperformance ratio is right. We previously had cleaning offices everywhere - just not where they were needed. Now, the fixed mounted SamoLind V10 wall dispensers form a clear hygiene system - embedded in a complete package for professional skin protection."

»DR.SCHNELL brings a lot more as a supplier of professional cleaning and skin protection products ...«

Tested - and found to be good

DR.SCHNELL was set on the persuasive power of live use from the beginning. Thus, the new system has been tested for six months in two RWS kitchens. With success! The 17 employees involved were convinced by the constant metered quantity from the ecological 1,000 ml V10 wall dispenser, the high product quality and hygiene safety. Moreover, they liked that skin protection and skin care products and creams were separate products and HACCP compliant. Thus, the demand for active skin protection is met by the professional association - a proven, noticeable health aspect for employees.

DR.SCHNELL prepared all employees in hands-on training on the use of the new skin protection and skin care system. "Satisfied and trained employees," said Uwe Kerstan, DR.SCHNELL account manager, "are the best guarantee that a system is used consistently and effectively and can develop all its advantages.”

The staff at RWS Catering Service agreed: "SamoLind absorbs quickly and, therefore, starts to work quickly. It is not greasy, and the food is not negatively affected. Compared to the previously used products, the DR.SCHNELL-skin protection products are better tolerated. The type of attachment of V10-wall dispensers protects the tiles and is still solid. It also shows that dispensers are used more often than tubes. No residue remains in the dispensers, which saves costs."

Expectations fully met

"Professional skin protection products, so once again RWS Caterers Managing Director Christine Biermann," should be skin-friendly for all users. They should also penetrate quickly, enabling to return to work quickly. This is exactly what SamoLind does. DR.SCHNELL fulfilled our expectations - and always responds quickly to our concerns. The good customer support is throughout all of our facilities, even if we enlarge our area. The positive feedback from our staff confirms this "SamoLind in V10-wall dispensers is now a permanent basis in every RWS kitchen."

SamoLind is dermatologically tested

By the way: That SamoLind sustainably protects the skin was shown in independent tests by the SIMRED GmbH in Burgwedel. SamoLind reduces the effects of skin-damaging substances up to 96%.