Mission Statement

Our employees are the driving force behind the company. They make a key contribution with their creativity, focus on customers, positive can-do attitude and team spirit – using their ideas and experience to achieve continuous improvement.

Headquartered in Germany and with a presence across Europe, we offer our people opportunities to develop both hard and soft skills. All our activities are underpinned by values such as honesty, respect for human dignity and the law. Ultimately, all this is to benefit you, our customers – because we know you expect more than just high-quality professional cleaning products. You need made-to-measure solutions to meet your specific requirements. And as your partner, we are committed to helping you provide your customers with the best results.

Beyond our day-to-day operations, we believe we have an obligation towards society as a whole – which is why we take a sustainable approach to resource consumption and the environment. Our business and our development work are rooted in a firm commitment to protecting the planet. In addition, we strive to strengthen our excellent relationships with local communities through social projects and other initiatives. We also make an active contribution to society through our involvement in community projects across Germany.

Munich, September 3, 2010