Dr. Thomas Schnell, a fully qualified solicitor, married, father of four children. After holding various positions at other firms, Dr. Thomas Schnell joined the company in 2003. He became the second managing director in 2006, with responsibility for marketing and sales. Today, the company is main- ly represented externally by Dr. Thomas Schnell.

Dr. Wolfgang Schnell, a chemist, married, father of three children. Following the sudden death of his father, Dr. Wolfgang Schnell joined the former Munich soap factory in 1963 at the age of 20. He transformed it into a modern chemicals com- pany by creating groundbreaking professional cleaning solutions, and continues to play a key role in day-to-day management. His passion is developing new products with the experts in the DR.SCHNELL laboratory.

Our Employees


DR.SCHNELL is about ideas, innovation and inspiration – and it is about our customers, team spirit and a positive can-do attitude. So our company is ultimately about our people: the employees who strive each and every day to discover new ways and means of delivering customer benefits.