ALEGRIA Training and Competence Centre

Meet the experts of the future

ALEGRIA training plans are highly effective and result-driven – because they are developed by experts with extensive real-world experience.

Staff expenses drive up costs in professional cleaning. And the only way to cut these costs is to deploy highly efficient cleaning systems and processes. At the same time, you need workers who know how to use this technology effectively – making employee skills a key factor in ensuring the long-term success of your business.

To help our customers meet this challenge, DR.SCHNELL has established its own competence centre in Munich – ALEGRIA. With training facilities spanning more than 750 square metres, the centre is the ideal location for introducing staff to the very latest cleaning technology, procedures and innovations – in theory and practice.

Besides providing training in specific areas of professional cleaning and hygiene, ALEGRIA gives employees the chance to acquire soft skills – from management and motivational techniques, to organisational skills. The centre also offers a wide range of certification opportunities.

ALEGRIA offers training in the form of open seminars and company- specific events. All courses are led and supervised by professional instructors. This ensures that course content is understood and implemented correctly – and that individuals get the attention they need, even in large groups.