Outstanding once again: Great Place to Work® Employer seal for DR.SCHNELL

Prize for the best employer in Germany
Dr Thomas Schnell see himself confirmed in his staff management by the award “Germany’s Best Employer”: “This encourages us to consistently continue on our path of sustainable staff management. And it strengthens us when talking to applicants who are interested in DR.SCHNELL as employer.”

Once again this year, as in 2013, the Munich-based family company operating throughout Europe, DR.SCHNELL, ranks among the best employers in Germany. DR.SCHNELL was declared outstanding in the benchmark study carried out by Great Place to Work® Germany for a work environment which employees experience as being particularly honest, appreciative and motivating. At the festive award ceremony in the Bolle Sälen in Berlin, the DR.SCHNELL team, together with the other 99 award winners, received the Great Place to Work® trophy in recognition of the successful human resources work.  

Dr. Thomas Schnell sees the award as confirmation that the corporate values must also be experienced within the company at all times: “We put great emphasis on outstanding quality in each individual business unit and on genuine sustainability from an economic, ecological and social point of view. We live and breathe a culture of permanent innovation, act with commitment and professionalism and cultivate cooperation between people - with our customers, service providers and all business partners as well as with each other. These values guide us daily, they connect us and shape the unique character of DR.SCHNELL. The Great Place to Work® award empowers us when talking to applicants who show an interest in DR.SCHNELL as an employer.”

Great Place to Work® Germany …

The acquisition, engagement and support of highly qualified and dedicated employees is one of the central tasks with regard to successful corporate development in today´s world. This has the best chances of success in a work environment which employees experience as being particularly honest, appreciative and motivating. All companies within Germany with 50 employees or more qualify to participate in the nationwide Great Place to Work® benchmark study and the affiliated competition «Germany´s best employers» The basis for the evaluation are a Great Place to Work® employee survey as well as an analysis of the measures carried out by the human resources and management (culture audit) in the respective company. The content-related valuation basis is the Great Place to Work® model which describes the key qualities of an outstanding employer.

Each year, several hundred companies across all industries and company sizes take part. Alongside the individual findings, it was also possible to identify valuable comparative data (benchmarks) and best practice as well as the annual 100 best list  «Germany´s best employers» - differentiated into four size categories. Furthermore, thematic prizes are awarded for outstanding achievements in particularly important areas of human resources e.g. for “sustainable human resources management”, “promotion of health”, “equal opportunities and diversity” or “imparting knowledge and competency”.



The joint competitive rivalry is another element of staff management at DR.SCHNELL Chemie - as Dr Thomas Schnell says “pleasure in performance is the best motivation of top performance.”
Team spirit is part of daily life at the family-owned company DR.SCHNELL Chemie - every person is important at his or her post, and together an outstanding team performance results.
Many competences come together at DR.SCHNELL Chemie - in Development, in Production and in any other field of the company. Working as a team is everyday practice.
Especially in the training field team work counts - after all, those who want to get points for professional cleaning have to know precisely which detergents can be used best for which materials.
Learn together - that is the central idea at DR.SCHNELL Chemie.
Trust at DR.SCHNELL Chemie is created also by joint experience, like here during a joint raft ride on the river Isar.